Hillary’s fashionable HQ

(Tweeted yesterday by the woman expected to be Hillary’s director of communications)

You will no doubt be reading today about Hillary Clinton’s new campaign headquarters. It is in the rather fashionable area of Brooklyn Heights. But let me make one thing clear. It is not the uber-hip bit of Brooklyn of beards and tattoos – that is to be found in Willamsburg, Dumbo or Bed-Stuy.

I should know. I live just around the corner. And I am not hip. At all.

So while Mike D of the Beastie Boys still lives nearby – like me in Cobble Hill – he is more of a property developer than a hell raiser these days.

The coolest thing though is that Hillary’s HQ backs right on to my street – Clinton Street. Named not for Bill or Hillary, but Dewitt Clinton, a long dead mayor of New York. He once ran for president too. But Hillary won’t want to know how it went…

You can hear more about Hillary’s campaign nerve centre in a piece I recorded for RTE’s World Report.

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