Isil’s clash of civilisations


There’s one thing America’s right and Isil agree on: The clash of civilisations narrative. And in each issue of Isil’s propaganda sheet, Dabiq, they run through some of the latest examples in a section called “In the words of the enemy”. For the eighth edition it’s Rick Santorum, drawn from an interview he did last month….

They will get stronger. … This is really important to understand. The reason the West had a thousand year war with Islam is that Islam was ever expanding. When Islam began to contract, it collapsed, and the caliphate was eliminated. Now they have established a caliphate. They are dead serious about expanding it. Unless we begin to take back that ground and make this caliphate just irrelevant in the eyes of the radical Muslim world, we are going to have a bigger and bigger problem.”

This is exactly what the Islamic State, intent on a prophesy fulfilling a battle to end all battles at Dabiq, wants to hear. So let’s not give it to them

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