Why Seth Rogen is more powerful than the UN on North Korea


Interesting analysis of North Korea’s cyber attack on Sony by Blaine Harden, who knows his stuff and says it may even be the country’s single greatest foreign-policy achievement ever. He sees it as a massive change-the-subject moment for Pyongyang as the Security Council on Monday plans to debate and pass judgment on human rights atrocities in North Korea.

This, then, is the context for what North Korea succeeded in doing in Hollywood. The hack and its attended firestorm of gossip (we learned that movie executives say hurtful things about Angelina Jolie!) was a great distraction for Kim. The demise of a bad movie is certain to stick in the public’s collective mind far longer than a Security Council debate that ends inconclusively with a veto.

For North Korea, this is the bully business of totalitarianism: distract the world with belligerent hijinks and quietly continue to starve, torture and enslave the folks back home.

He may be right. But me, I’m not so sure. Does North Korea care what the UN thinks? Is it possible we can impose even more sanctions?

It seems to me the regime should actually be more concerned about what a silly slapstick (not very funny) comedy says about Kim Jong-un. Because once the people of that benighted country realise the sheer absurdity of their ruler – his notebook-carrying acolytes, the finger pointing photographs and so on – then they won’t stop laughing. And then it will be all over.

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