Basic misperceptions about polio

Very useful preliminary study from the Harvard School of Public Health on attitudes to polio and its vaccine in Nigeria and Pakistan. Tends to suggest some very basic messages are not getting through.

In Pakistan and Nigeria, Parents’ Misperceptions Could Erode Demand in Future

Although parental demand has reached very high levels, poll results suggest there are some misperceptions about polio and OPV that could erode demand in the future, if not addressed. For example, a sizable share of parents in Borno (37%) as well as parents in lower-conflict areas of Nigeria (24%) and Pakistan (30%) believe that the paralysis from polio would be curable if their child got sick. Further, across both countries, between a fifth and a third of parents were not aware that OPV must be taken every time it is offered to maximize protection against the disease (37% in FATA, 19% in lower-conflict areas of Pakistan, 35% in Borno, and 29% in lower-conflict areas of Nigeria).

The PDF is here

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