Taliban: Pakistan seen as “increasingly predatory host”

If you haven’t some across the Afghanistan Analysts Network then I thoroughly recommend checking out its website. Some of the best analysis around. This piece on the deal for Bowe Bergdahl’s release is well worth reading. I found the pars on the Taliban’s attitude to Pakistan the most interesting, giving an insight into Islamabad/Rawalpindi’s outlook and how the authorities remain wedded to using proxies as an arm of foreign policy in Afghanistan….

Pakistan no longer seemed a reliable place to hold him, the sources said. Suspicion was looming large over Islamabad’s intentions towards the Taleban. The Haqqani network had lost its most active liaison and fundraiser to the Gulf, Nasiruddin Haqqani, in an attack by unknown gunmen in Islamabad, in November 2013. But more importantly, Pakistan was seen as an increasingly predatory host which did not want to lose control over the Taleban, especially at a time when – in the Taleban’s eyes – the movement is going to become part of the future political set up in Afghanistan – if all went well.

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