Postcards from Hell: 15. The sushi hotline


The sushi delivery place has a UAN number, whatever that is. I think it is a universal phone number that connects you to the nearest office. Or something.

Anyway, it didn’t work from my Nayatel line. Instead I had to look up a regular number via a website. When I reached the restaurant, the waiter patiently directed me to call the delivery service on the UAN number. Suffice to say that I explained the situation and he promised me that my favoured sushi bento box would be delivered to my house within the next 45 min.

Sure enough, it arrived within the specified timeframe.

But he forgot to mention the serving of miso soup and the scoop of ice cream, served in a Tupperware box kept cool with ice cubes in a second box.

So you can imagine that I was not surprised to learn from Foreign Policy today that Pakistan is the tenth most failed state in the world – more failed indeed than Iraq, where jihadi outfits deemed too extreme even for al-Qaeda have seized swaths of territory threatening the capital.

I can only assume that in Iraq one can get through first time to sushi restaurants.

Postcards from Hell is my ironically titled list of things that are cool about Pakistan, my new home, or which contradict the notion that the country is some sort of failed state

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