I posted a piece online yesterday about how we still don’t really know much about the woman at the centre of the Lahore murder case from last week. Did she even marry for love? Predictably it got hardly any attention. Much less than when I was pondering the role of Islam etc….

When Farzana Parveen was bludgeoned to death in a Lahore street last week at the hands of her relatives, the very public murder guaranteed a light would be shone on Pakistan’s shameful practice of honour killings. Yet almost a week later, we know almost nothing about the woman herself.

Piece by piece the original story of star crossed lovers and a wife stoned to death by an angry father have unravelled. There was no stoning and it soon emerged that her husband himself already had a murder to his name.

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    1. Simple. She wasn’t stoned. She was bludgeoned around the head with bricks and sticks. Maybe the original mix-up was a misunderstanding, mistranslation etc but after the facts became clear a number of news organisations refused to correct it, despite correspondents pointing it out. Check some of the stories. Frequently “stoning” or “stoned” is in the headline but not in the main copy. Obviously, still a horrible, horrible thing. But “stoning” is probably a sexier story, tapping as it does into preconceptions of this part of the world.

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