Who killed Nils Horner?

Solid analysis – as ever – from the Afghanistan Analysts Network on who murdered Nils Horner, the Swedish journalist. Islami Tahrik Fedai Mahaz has claimed the killing. But as this report points out, they may be best described as Jihadi entrepreneurs or PR warriors. And their claims should best be taken with pinch of salt.

Targeting and killing Horner specifically, as a person known to his assassins, would have required time (Nils had only been in the country for a few days) and expertise in surveillance and planning and would surely have been beyond the Fedai Mahaz’ capabilities. Killing a random foreigner in Kabul, however, may have been possible, given the lack of sophistication needed: just wait in an area where foreigners are found and have an escape route ready.

Or it might just have been a couple of chancers with a gun.

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