A fool’s errand?

Brilliant post by David Bezmozgis on the problems he now faces with his novel about Crimea. If only events would stop for a bit, so he can finish his book. The piece taps into the age old question about whether fiction can ever deal with our absurd world, which I wrote about with reference to 9/11 a few weeks back. And brings it up to date with questions about trying to keep pace with the rapid flow of information with which we all have to deal…

This raises the question whether the novel—in and of itself, or because of its modes of production—is suited to the task of engaging with “the grander social and political phenomena of our times,” especially now that it competes with a rushing stream of up-to-the-minute reporting, which can be written from and read anywhere. Does this render the pursuit of a novel with political ambition a fool’s errand?

Well worth reading his conclusion and the whole piece.


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