Interesting update to the Maj Gen Abdul Raziq story, who you’ll remember was photographed in a rather warm embrace with the deputy commander of US forces in Afghanistan. After I highlighted Gen Raziq’s history of alleged human rights abuses in The Telegraph last week, a reader of this blog was in touch to point out that the offending photos had been removed from the military’s DVIDS site. Maybe the US was embarrassed by its ties to this character after all. I wrote to Isaf to investigate and got this response from Col Kevin Arata, Isaf Joint Command, Chief of Public Affairs…

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I was not aware the photo in question was removed from DVIDS, as someone at a unit below me removed it because it had not been downloaded since February 13th.  The photo of Lt. Gen. Anderson and Maj. Gen. Raziq is now posted back to DVIDS.  For your information, the photo was still maintained on RC South’s Facebook page, and is still there now if you would like to download from that site as well. Look to the date of February 12th to find it on Facebook and at this link ( to find it on DVIDS.”

And now the picture is back. Curious. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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