Fun for fun’s sake

ImageIt’s easy to be cynical about Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s Sindh Festival. While people go hungry throughout the province, while the country struggles to deal with terrorism and while power cuts affect tens of million of people every day, why organise a jamboree of singing, dancing and the like?

It’s fiddling while Pakistan burns, some say.

In his interview with the BBC last week, Mr Bhutto Zardari was asked whether he was having fun without any responsibility. When I interviewed him on Saturday he explained why this wasn’t just about fun. There was also an important fight to reclaim cultural and societal space from the Taliban and their apologists.

Fair enough.To say anything else might lead to more allegations that he was out of touch with ordinary Pakistanis and their daily struggles.

But what’s wrong with fun for fun’s sake?

The extremists have everyone looking over their shoulders. Films are banned or cut to shreds. YouTube is blocked. Book launches are cancelled. There’s no Test cricket.

A stifling blanket of oppression hangs over almost all aspects of life.

What this country desperately needs is a little bit of fun.

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