Steeds of War: The Honda 125


Flicking through the latest issue of Azan, the English-language recruitment tool of the Taliban in Khurasan, and my attention is grabbed by this homage to the humble Honda 125. Apparently this motorbike is responsible for (and I’m roughly paraphrasing here) sending the Crusaders packing.

All praise is due to Allah Who has made the Crusaders flee with a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Mujahideen who have so little resources compared  to them. We, the Mujahidin, have won the with HONDA 125s valued at around $700.

Anyway, the helpful guide suggests wrapping your RPGs in a blanket

Up to 6 RPG-7 rounds can be placed. Below is a clear view of the rounds placed in the blanket. The woolen blanket is placed under the rider to give him a more comfortable ride, this comes in handy during long journeys.

Even suicide attackers need something comfortable to sit on.

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