I have to rather admire Liam Fox, former foreign secretary, for writing this sort of nonsense:

I don’t have any personal animosity towards Pakistan or its people and enjoyed both my visits there and the people I was fortunate enough to meet. On balance, however, I think it is probably the most dangerous country in the world.

He’s been there twice, probably stayed at the High Commissioner’s rather pleasant residence, quite liked the people… but “on balance” has a book to sell.

Perhaps I’m just jealous. Maybe if I’d done this with my Darfur book – I’ve been there quite a bit, liked the people but “on balance” these Arabs are going to kill you, oh, and I’ve included a chapter on how air is going to kill us all – it might have sold rather better.

(For those of you who think Pakistan is indeed the biggest risk to global security, and I agree that there is a case that can be made in that regard, I think Dr Fox underestimates the resilience of the Pakistani state.)

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