If the cap fits

ImageThe clever money is on Aseefa Bhutto Zardari emerging as the political heir to Benazir rather than her brother Bilawal. According to those that know, she is the more politically fiery of the two. And she certainly has the campaigning gene, wearing her PPP party cap while doshing out food to people fleeing this year’s floods in Pakistan….

3 thoughts on “If the cap fits

    1. Truth is I’m not really sure. I speak to plenty of metropolitan types who accept that the charges are political, that there’s no evidence but that because so many questions remain unanswered there must be a conspiracy somewhere. There’s a growing sense of sympathy for him generally. But there’s also the die-hard democracy supporters who want to see him pay. So it’s a mixed bag and I’m not sure quite where the consensus lies and what the more rural population is saying…

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