Hand drawn maps and me

ImageI’ve been enjoying From Here to There, a collection of hand drawn maps from the Hand Drawn Map Association. Some are exquisite artworks, always intended for show. Others  are quick sketches drawn for the out-of-town visitor, setting out places of interest – bars, galleries and suchlike. The sort of thing carried around in a back pocket to be thrown away after a few days, crumpled and smudges. Each has its own charm – something of the personal history of the sketcher. But are these maps dying out? Don’t we all have google maps these days? Meeting a friend for lunch in London last week I simply gave him the name of the place and the address, confident in the knowledge that even an out-of-towner could find it with the help of the GPS we all carry with us.

I, on the other hand, having no such data roaming phone device (or at least one that did not cost about £100 a day to run) sat at a computer and drew my own map. In the interests of preserving such a fine tradition, I publish it below:


Rubbish, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Hand drawn maps and me

  1. In my opinion, no – not rubbish. I sometimes look for directions on Google maps on my laptop and scribble a map on a scrap of paper that will fit in my shirt pocket.

    For complex directions I might open Google Maps on my iPhone on the go – but for a few streets, left and right turns, etc. – a scrap of paper like your is quicker and friendlier.

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