Fighting for the youth vote


We have heard a lot about the youth vote in this election. Something like 20% of voters are aged 18-25. For many, this will be the first time they have voted. That’s a heck of a lot of votes up for grabs.

Imran Khan appears to have made the biggest inroads. His party is the most active on social media and the rallies of his I’ve attended have been notable for the huge numbers of students or the recently graduated. His message of change, of rejecting a corrupt political elite that has had plenty of opportunities to govern in the past, seems to be resonating with the young and optimistic.

So perhaps it is not surprising that this morning the Pakistan People’s Party has hit back with newspaper adverts pointing out that Imran Khan for all his energy is 60. Instead, it offers 24-year-old Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the real hope for change, with the tagline:

Only young leadership can bring a revolution!

I’m not in favour of one party or another. But I’m not entirely sure this strategy will work for the PPP. In fact, it may well backfire. Not only is Bilawal so young that he cannot even stand in this election – plastering his image all over the papers reminds us that no-one knows where on earth he is.

2 thoughts on “Fighting for the youth vote

  1. Bilawal bhutto mutinied against his father and that would have been Bilawal’s best strategy to defy his father, seek forgiveness from the nation for his father’s rule/deeds and bring people like me to give him reforms that would have rallied the youth for a new Pakistan. That is history.
    Coming to imran, I read your aticle about the fate of of the tax collector and the attitude of the government towards people who wants to bring Change. For this to happen two major CHANGES have to take place in Pakistan and we do not yet have a leader (like me) who is bold and selfless to lead the nation in that direction. Power has to be taken away from the politicians and civil bureaucrats if any meaningful CHANGE has to happen in Pakistan. I have been implying to Imran to listen to my good advice but he has never lisstened and is too arrogant to accept good people. I was in PTI for 10 years and I left the party for the good reason that Imran is surrounded by sycophants and cannot distinguish between good and bad. He is not a leader material but could be groomed. He lost 60% popularity following 30 Oct. 2011. I vehmentally objected to bring the turn coats but he never listened to me and lost all his popularity. His behaviour has been so disgraceful that he or his close party members.have never ever acknowledged or thanked me for giving valuab le advice. There is total lack of communication and p[arty direction. He has given a lot of hope but never spelled solutions. Even those spelled out has no direction. He has been running after people like Asad umar or Hashmi or many useless like them.
    Imran major failure will be at the hands of civil bureaucracy. I have warned him and gave him solution of taking power away from politicians and civil bureaucracy but despite so much spoon feeding he and his party fails to listen. You rightgly pointed that honest and dedicated people like the tax man and me have no place in Pakistan current political parties. Whatever will remain of Pakistan will be at the mercy of foreign power and dictate. Nothing is different now.
    Sikander Shah

    1. Sikander Shah, who are you? we have never heard of you , so please stop posting fake comments, Imran Khan is surrounded by good people , he has the vision and he has the solution. he made your country proud in 1992 and also by founded a big cancer hospital in Lahore, there is English saying “where there’s a will there’s a way” . so if he comes in power, you will see that how he can bring change, he hasn’t come in power yet and how you predict that he cant give anything to Pakistan, Let him bring in power and see, So please stop posting fake comments, if you were that intellectual then make your own party so that we can see your existence.

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