Winged horses

Mehdi Hasan admits to believing Muhamed flew to heaven on a winged horse. And New Statesman sees fit to print him as a serious journalist

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) April 21, 2013

Once again Richard Dawkins deliberately provokes the twittersphere with one of his trademark “all believers are bonkers” comments. I happen to share his scientific rationalism and atheism – but disagree with his notion that Muslims should not be considered serious journalists (UPDATE – I should point out that Dawkins later softened his comments to say that he thought Mehdi Hasan a fine journalist).

And that is probably as far as I can go. Living in Pakistan it is illegal for me to discuss winged horses, the life of Muhammad or the basis of Islam. To do so risks arrest, charges of blasphemy and the death penalty. That is where Dawkins should have trained his twitter fire.

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