Lone wolf bombers

More and more commentators are making the link between the m.o. of the Boston bomber and Inspire, the magazine published by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. As I wrote yesterday, an issue last year suggested attacking sporting events and the first issue had a section entitled “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom” with instructions on building a pressure cooker bomb.

But let’s not get carried away.

Pressure cooker bombs have been around for years, long before they were highlighted by Inspire.

The magazine is in English too, so would have been on the reading list of anarchists and nutjobs all around the world, not just in the training camps of Pakistan or Yemen.

So far the bombing suggests some kind of “lone wolf”, low tech operation. That could just as easily be a Unabomber as an Islamist group.

Influential AQ thinkers have been suggesting the movement turns away from its complex, multi-faceted outrages – attempts to bring down airliners and so on – and instead want to focus on smaller attacks, carried out by American Muslims already in situ, for example

But so far there’s no evidence to suggest that is what happened in Boston.

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