What if Chris Huhne were Pakistani?

The News has an editorial on the Chris Huhne case today. Imagine such a thing happening in Pakistan…

Compare this case and its outcome to virtually any case involving the high and the mighty in Pakistan, be they politicians or businesspersons. In the first place the police would never have dared to pursue a prosecution, and if they did a bribe would have been paid and arms twisted to get it dropped. Were the case ever to get to court and even if the defendants perjured themselves to the mountaintops they would never in a month of Sundays have found themselves convicted and in jail. The difference is visible. In one place rule of law is apparently paramount, and in the other it is flexible and negotiable – far from being an absolute.

Were Chris Huhne a Pakistani politician he would, of course, have got off scot-free. Because as we all know, no-one who is anyone actually drives themselves. And their lovers certainly don’t have to park their own car either….

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