Look what I found

Abbas Market is one of my favourite corners of Islamabad. There are all sorts of treasures kicking around in this little warren of cubby holes. There’s furniture sold off by expats departing the city, dozens of battered old filing cabinets (in which one day I’m hoping to find some sort of secret documents) and broken down bits of electronic kit.

When I first arrived here I visited looking for a stereo. I found a great little store crammed with integrated amplifiers, speakers, CD players and old tape decks. I picked out a pretty nice looking lump of plastic and aluminium and asked the owner how much he wanted for it. Not much, he said, it doesn’t work.

Same thing with the next amplifier and the next. Eventually, I said: “So which of these is actually working,” gesturing at his stacks of dusty hi-fi gear.

“None of it works.”

Anyway, I was back again a couple of weeks ago and found this beneath some yellowing copies of Auto Trader, which appeared to have been delivered to an address in Luton.

Now, you don’t have to be much of an expert with google to rapidly discover that the Weltron 2007, cleaned up and restored, is quite the thing. You could imagine Stereolab having one at home. And I reckon they are worth a pretty penny. However, given that my skills with a screwdriver are pretty limited then I won’t be attempting a restoration job just yet. Also it’s probably only of use to me when I am once again living in the same country as my vinyl collection.

On the other hand, I did nip back today to check it was still there…. It is…

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