I hope I got the tone of this right. Anyway, point is that I’ve been a big fan of the BBC World Service for a long time. But the nostalgia fest of the past few days as it moved from Bush House to a new home really grated. Do the millions of listeners around the globe care about which rented building is producing the programmes? This seemed to me to be navel-gazing by journalists who should know better. The real tragedy is how a once great British institution has been reduced to broadcasting phone-in shows. But then I guess that’s why there has been so much wallowing in past glories. So here is my take:

The BBC World Service has been a constant companion to me for the past nine years as I’ve lived and worked as a foreign correspondent. Network Africa woke me up each morning during my years in Nairobi telling me the news I needed to know for the day ahead; Newshour made sure I fell asleep without having missed any of the day’s developments. John Peel’s music show provided a familiar voice from home and even the unbearably smug gameshow Just a Minute took on a new significance for my newly expatriated self. READ MORE


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