After 2pm

I have a lot of conversations that proceed roughly along these lines.

  • Car man: So I will come to collect the money. What time sir?
  • Me: Oh, well what would be convenient for you?
  • Car man: No, no. You tell me a time and I will come.
  • Me: Great. Shall we say 12. Does that work for you?
  • Car man: Oh actually, maybe a bit later, about 1-30pm. 2pm. After 2pm. Yes, after 2pm.
  • Me: OK, but could we set a time and make an appointment so we both know what’s going on.
  • Car man: 5pm.
  • Me: Great. 5 it is.

Made me smile. And he arrived bang on time. I’m gradually getting the hang of Pakistan.

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