Limited soul searching in Pakistan on grooming case

The Pakistani media have not overly troubled themselves with the Rochdale sex grooming convictions. While British newspapers have pondered the role of Islam, cultural differences and attitudes towards women in the crimes, in Pakistan the newspapers have limited themselves to short news reports and nothing in the way of reflection.

So interesting to see The Express Tribune publish a sensible editorial on the subject. Ultimately it asks where backwards attitudes towards women in Pakistan are to blame:

It cannot be denied that in some settings, men from this part of the world look down on those women who they believe don’t abide by strict interpretations of women’s religiously sanctioned roles. In fact, men raised with these beliefs about women tend to justify such perverse action through abuse. Following this incident, the Pakistani community in Britain should reassess how well it spreads the message of tolerance, justice and respect for the law among its members. Rather than feeling victimised or maligned by media attention surrounding the issue, the community must use this opportunity to create awareness in an effort to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

This is the only discussion on the subject I’ve seen.

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