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You don’t need me to tell you that the Kony 2012 video thing has made a bit of a splash. Among the old Africa hands that I consider worth listening to on subjects like these, it is either a patronising piece of guff that at least raises awareness of an obscure, forgotten war, OR it is a patronising piece of guff.

In many ways, we should have seen this coming. As I blogged at the end of last week, this is what happens when Save Darfur becomes the model for campaigning. Building a mass movement may well create political will – but that is only one part of actually finding a solution.

That was the gist of my book on Darfur.

And one chapter describes Joseph Kony’s war in Uganda – and beyond – fitting it into the complex regional politics that have created so many armed proxies that bedevil Africa. Not only that, but I met him, stared into his vacant eyes and realised that he was only a part of the problem.

So in the interests of promoting debate

For 24 hours on March 13 I’ll be making the kindle version of the book available for free.

It is available here:

Or if you are in the US, here:

And will be free, I believe, from midnight PST

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