You Say Madrassah

So the results of my not very scientific poll are in. And as of this moment, madrassah has it with 32% of the vote, taking it just ahead of madrasa, with madrassa coming in a close third. Madrasah trailed in a very poor fourth.

And the discussion suggests that pronunciation is the key, with the rather harsh “AH” sound at the end being the closest to the Arabic.

So despite looking – to this eye at least – a little archaic, The Daily Telegraph Style Book has it right!

One thought on “You Say Madrassah

  1. I think the question of pronunciation is more acute for English people than say for Scots or Americans, because English people swallow vowels, and without an ‘h’ at the end of the word, the final ‘a’ would get reduced to a faint semi schwa.

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