A Deliberate Act of Aggression?

If you’re struggling to understand quite what’s going on in Pakistan at the moment, there was a lovely, illuminating quote in the Wall Street Journal yesterday…

Gen. Kayani’s ability to accede to U.S. demands is greatly limited by events like the one Saturday, which stoke anti-U.S. fervor in Pakistan, said Talat Masood, a retired general and defense analyst.

“Those who have been more moderate, even those people are asking is it worth having a relationship with the U.S.?” Mr. Masood said. “It will be very difficult for Gen. Kayani to defend the alliance.”

Mr. Masood said he had taped a television chat show Saturday after the attack on the border posts during which he was the only participant arguing that the U.S. wouldn’t have targeted Pakistani soldiers in Mohmand as a deliberate act of aggression.

Very few here believe that 24 soldiers were killed in an accident.

One thought on “A Deliberate Act of Aggression?

  1. Well if you see BBC documentary Secret Pakistan,in which Nato soldiers at borders were lamenting about They cant chase the Talibans in Pakistan etc so this attack was inevitable,Btw ISI wil take vengeance by suicide attacks on Nato Via Haqqanis

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