Defending Israeli Interests at the United Nations

Interesting addition this week of all weeks to the latest, six-monthly edition of Barack Obama’s Fact Sheet: Advancing U.S. Interests at the United Nations. There is a new section entitled “Defending Israel”…

When an effort was made to insert the Security Council into matters that should be resolved through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, we vetoed it. When the 2009 Durban Review Conference advanced anti-Israel sentiment, we withdrew. When the UN General Assembly voted for a commemoration in September 2011 of the original 2001 Durban conference, we voted against it and announced we would not participate. When the Goldstone Report was released, we stood up strongly for Israel’s right to defend itself. When anti-Israel resolutions come up at the UN Human Rights Council, the General Assembly, UNESCO, and elsewhere, we consistently oppose them.

What can it mean? Ahem. I’ll leave the analysis – not difficult this week – to others. But well done to @bechamilton for flagging it up

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