The Stuff I Forgot

Above is a pic I did a few months ago of the kit I was taking on the road for a particular trip. This time I forgot a load of things:

  • Prescription sunglasses – brilliant because it means that you don’t have to mess around with contact lenses in hot, dry, dusty conditions. This time I’m squinting a lot in my regular specs
  • Contact lenses – I thought I’d be away for a week. Consequently, I only brought one set, which were already close to the end of their life
  • Leatherman – often take it places but then don’t need it. A sharp knife would have been great on this trip. Watermelons are on sale at the side of the road
  • A hat – bought one at Zurich airport (don’t ask how I ended up there), where the only available hats were all Swiss themed. Not ideal, unless you are trying to pose as someone from the Red Cross (I wouldn’t ever do that, and anyway the Swiss flag is the reverse…)

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