10 Top Tips for Libyans at the Fall of Tripoli

The Libya Post published another in its Top Tips series just before the fall of Tripoli:

  • Buy a sheep and get ready for a big BBQ
  • Be sure to stock up on balloons, flares, plastic plates, spoons, knives and forks
  • Be ready to hand in your weapons
  • Be ready to forgive the remaining rats once they surrender
  • Keep a picture of Gaddafi tucked away to scare the kids if they refuse to go to bed
  • Be ready for a long holiday
  • If you can find a Green Book, keep it as a souvenir as they’ve become very rare items
  • Be wary of a new government if they start talking about media censorship
  • Be highly suspicious of foreign-speaking long-bearded men especially if they are handing out metal objects that look like candy bars – candy bombs!
  • Never wear the colour green on its own – at least for a couple of years

One thought on “10 Top Tips for Libyans at the Fall of Tripoli

  1. See much more copious comments made on this page –
    http://olddiplomatsneverlie.com/five-easy-steps-for-the-ntc-to-follow-a-k-a-%E2%80%9Chow-to-make-the-best-of-what-you-have%E2%80%9D – Failing to complete the five steps offered there suggests the creation of “hostile” resistance groups will destabilize the” illusionary democracy” the UN and Western states think they have contributed to bringing about. It’s a very thoughtful piece.

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