Libya’s Government in Waiting

If Libya has a government this morning, then it is the rebels’ cabinet in waiting – the executive board or council of the National Transitional Council. But there’s a problem. It was dissolved a fortnight ago and a new one has yet to be appointed. So, for now, the former members still hold the portfolios. But who are they? We know about Mahmoud Jibril, but does anyone know much about the others? Some of these names may have changed by now, but this is the best list I’ve been able to find..

THE EXECUTIVE BOARD of the NTC – “cabinet in waiting”

Mahmoud Jibril – chairman

Ali Al Issawi – vice-chairman of the executive board, foreign affairs

Ali Al Tarhuni – finance and oil

Galal Degheli – military affairs and defence

Ahmad Al Darrat – internal affairs and local government

Mahmoud Shammam – media

Attia Al Ogali – culture and community

Dr Hania Al Gamati – social welfare

Dr Naji Barakat – health

Abdullah Shamia – economics

Abdulgassim Nimr – environment

Suliman El Sahli – education

Kaseem Azoze – national bank

Noure Bourowean – national oil company

Anwar Al Faytouri – transportation and communication

Ahmed Jehani – transformation and infrastructure

Muhamad al Allagi – justice

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