The Road to Benghazi

The road from Cairo is long and well, pretty dull. This is roughly the scenery for oooh 13 or so hours, except when it’s dark or you drive past a rather umimpressive stretch of drive-through fast food joints

There is the occasional camel and World War Two Cemetery. But it was all a little uninspiring until after five hours Mustapha, the driver, pulled in to a truck stop as the sun was getting low and said it was time to break his fast.

As the muezzin’s call rang out somewhere in the distance a hearty feast was set out before us. I hadn’t exactly been fasting but I tucked into the crispy roast chicken served with a tomato and parsley salad. There were giant beans in an intense tomato sauce, that I kidded myself were gigandes from Alexandria up the road. And there was a heady broth, thick with vegetables to pour over greasy, yellow rice.

The photo doesn’t quite do justice to the number of flies present.

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