Pakistan and the US: The Odd Couple?

You’ve got to admire Cameron Munter, US ambassador to Islamabad, for trying. His efforts to inject a bit of humour into a catastrophic period in relations between Pakistan and the US are impressive. After cutting off $800m in aid and having officials accuse the Pakistani government of bumping off a troublesome journalist, Mr Munter still finds something to laugh about while opening a Pakistani production of The Odd Couple, directed by a US cultural envoy.

“In some ways, the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan does bear resemblance to the relationship between Oscar and Felix, the play’s two protagonists.  We sometimes see the world in different ways,” Ambassador Munter said.  “But as Oscar and Felix discover, and as I believe is true for our bilateral relationship, that even while we at times pass through rough patches, we can find a way to live together, to support each other, and to prosper.”

But exactly which one is the obsessive, uptight, hypochondriac, neat-freak and which one is the lazy, slovenly slob who doesn’t clean up after himself? Well, I’ll leave that up to you.

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