The Drones Work

Erm, so this is awkward. On Saturday morning The Wall Street Journal runs a story on splits within the US administration over drone strikes, with the American ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, or his friends, briefing that he is among those wanting a slow-down, to mollify Pakistani anger at the raids…

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, backed by top military officers and other State Department officials, wants the strikes to be more judicious, and argues that Pakistan’s views need to be given greater weight if the fight against militancy is to succeed, said current and former U.S. officials.

Even before the printing presses rolled, missiles slammed into targets in South Waziristan. Locals said America’s new most wanted terrorist, Ilyas Kashmiri, al-Qaeda’s “military brain” was among the dead. If true, his death will have a significant impact on al-Qaeda and regional stability.

There’s still a degree of doubt about whether he is actually dead. With the bodies taken away and buried immediately, it usually takes days to confirm who was killed. But I wonder if Cameron Munter might not feel a little silly if the drones have taken out another murderous terrorist.

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