Bin Laden reading

Here’s stuff I’ve been reading on bin Laden’s targeted assassination, as one of my liberal Israeli friends insists on calling it. It’s not exhaustive, just a list of stuff…

Pakistan and Osama bin Laden: How the West was conned – my colleague Praveen Swami on Pakistan’s history of meddling with extremism

Osama bin Laden: family guy with three wives, nine children and a cow to keep – inside the bolthole

Even in 2002, bin Laden was hiding in plain view – journo spots tall bloke with beard wearing shalwaar kameez leaving mosque in Islamabad OR misses world exclusive. You decide

10 ways Barack Obama botched the aftermath of the masterful operation to kill Osama bin Laden – how a bungled media campaign shifted focus to White House amateur hour

New Osama urges UK terror blitz – The Sun’s email sting. I’m hoping The News of the World is dusting off the fake sheikh’s outfit as we speak

Dismissing our enemies as lunatics will get us nowhere – right. But does this go too far? “There have been too many moments during the decade-long hunt for bin Laden when there has appeared to be a horrible symmetry between al-Qaeda and the US.”

Osama bin Laden is either dead, alive or with Tupac – maybe I’ve been in Pakistan too long, but not all of these are as outlandish as they first seem

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