How to Spot a Gaddafi Loyalist

I’m enjoying the rash of independent newspapers springing up in free Benghazi. This item in the second edition of The Libya Post caught my eye:

10 top tips to spot if someone is a Gaddafi loyalist rat

  • If you call Gaddafi a rat and he gets upset – he’s definitely a rat
  • When things are looking good for the revolutionaries, he seems very uptight and vice-versa
  • He loves cheese but not Dutch – habit acquired recently He’s always writing reports
  • He always wears green but he’s not an environmentalist
  • He always likes rubbing his sides to show he’s got a piece
  • He has huge pictures of Gaddafi hugging his wife all over the house
  • He always has his antenna up in his car and ties a small green rag to it to show his loyalty
  • He wears a shefshoufa (messy Afro hair-do) with no sideburns
  • When he gambles he insists on using his own green flag

Although I’m not entirely sure I understand the cheese issue

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