Libya Stuff – Intervene or Not?

Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading on Libya since getting back, mostly on the debate over intervention…

Is Barack Obama Secretly Swiss? The administration’s pathetic, dithering response to the Arab uprisings has been both cynical and naive, according to Christopher Hitchens

Libyan Rebels Just Learning How to Use Their Guns – a portrait of a rag tag army trying to take on Gaddafi’s war machine

West should get out of Libya, says John Pilger – more evidence of how Pilger has lost the plot: “If Libya grew carrots there would be no no-fly zone. Libya has oil (and is) a strategic part of the world and is independent … and that is the reason Libya is being attacked.” Sorry, we do deals with dictators for their oil

The price of inaction in Libya is far too high (£££) – David Aaronovitch points out how connected we already are to what happens next in Libya. Raising the drawbridge is not an option

Gaddafi forces sow landmines in east Libya – Monty and Rommel discovered a long time ago that defending a featureless desert requires mines. The only surprise was that it took so long in 2011

Don’t Let Qaddafi Win – The realists are wrong.

Yes, this is a humanitarian war — that is what makes it so deadly – pointing out hypocrisy of liberals who opposed Iraq war but back the bombing of Libya. Surely the case for a progressive, leftist interventionist policy? How about Zimbabwe next?

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