Safari Soundtrack: Desert Sands

Headed for Benghazi, via Lyon, Milan, Cairo and an epic overland safari. So I think that calls for a Safari Soundtrack

24 Hours from Tulsa, Gene Pitney (24 Hours from Tulsa) – or 12 hours from Benghazi. The definition of crescendo and the perfect opener, which meets Nick Hornby’s criterion, I’d say

The Wagon, Dinosaur Jr (Green Mind) – And then we go up a notch. A song about a motor. The perfect second track.

Racing in the Street, Bruce Springsteen (Darkness on the Edge of Town) – “We only run for the money, Got no strings attached”, my motto when I was a stringer

Imidiwan Afrik Tendam, Tinariwen (Imidiwan: Companions) – if I had to be a member of an African tribe, I think I’d opt for Tuareg, even if VW have rather spoiled it. And we need a bit of desert blues on this trip

Manensa Asil, Souad Massi (Honeysuckle) – staying in North Africa, as Tony Blackburn might say. No idea how I failed to hear any Souad Massi until last year

Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man, Grinderman (Grinderman 2) – and so we start to build to the conclusion with some good, old and honest rock and roll. Of a sort

Love of an Orchestra, Noah and the Whale (The First Days of Spring) – epic doesn’t do this song justice.

Committed, Jenny and Johnny (I’m Having Fun Now) – so good it could have been a Ramones song: “Committed, Committed, I need to be committed, I need to be locked away”

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