Crisp Diplomacy

Me, I like a packet of crisps. Cheese and onion is my favourite, if you are asking, but generally I need no invitation to sample a new flavour. So I was easily led by Lay’s cricket world cup tie-in, featuring new flavours representing the teams taking part. On offer were

  • English sour cream and onion – the thinking man’s cheese and onion, nice
  • Pakistani chicken achari – I have a packet to try later
  • South African salsa – really? salsa?
  • Australian roasted onion and balsamic vinegar – rubbish, don’t bother unless you think that this might be better than pickled onion flavour, which as we all know is simply too sharp and needs the balance of some cheesy flavourings

I initially assumed that there would be flavours for all the teams taking part: West Indian curried goat, Indian madras, Irish er potato, Canadian poutine, Kenyan nyama choma… that sort of thing. But no, it seems that in Pakistan we just get those four. Shame.

In India – and the rest of the world, I guess – it seems, crisp fans get a choice of six flavours. South Africa there is represented by a much more reasonable peri peri chilli flavour. The only major test nations absent are New Zealand, and surprise, surprise Pakistan.

It seems that not only have the two countries been to war three times, not only do they remain locked in a nuclear arms race, but they simply will not tolerate each other’s crisps.

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