Valentine’s Day: Saints and Sinners

Found yesterday’s showering of affection on Mumtaz Qadri rather confusing to say the least…

The confessed killer of a liberal Pakistani governor pleaded guilty Monday to a murder he said was justified under Islam, while outside the court supporters bearing flowers and cards wished him a happy Valentine’s Day.

This sort of adulation for a self-confessed killer is not the confusing bit. There are plenty of people in Pakistan who seem to think that bumping off a politician is perfectly acceptable if it can be justified in terms of religion. No, the confusing this is that they would shower him with Valentine’s wishes…

Outside the court, dozens of Islamic activists carried banners saluting Qadri and demanded his immediate release. A small group of college students gave police flowers and a Valentine’s Day card they wanted delivered to the defendant. “Happy Valentine!” read one of the banners.

Now I’m no theological scholar, but my understanding is that Valentine’s Day is the feast day of St Valentine, a Christian saint, or possibly a number of Christian saints. So what would religious nutter Mumtaz Qadri want with Valentine’s wishes? The day is banned in several Muslim countries as “haraam”, or forbidden. Or is it some sort of clever plot to get Qadri accused of blasphemy and hence bumped off himself?

Or could it be that his supporters are retards?

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