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The South Asia Reading Challenge continues apace, with a contribution this week from Agnija. My list is finalised (well ish) but came back from London at the weekend with a fresh handful of books on the region, as well as Alastair Campbell’s latest volume of diaries and Kristin Hirsh’s altogether rather different diary. Would particularly like to see reviews of Aatish Taseer’s book for anyone of thinking of signing up…

Pundits from Pakistan, On Tour with India 2003-4, by Rahul Bhattarcharya – as much about modern-day Pakistan as about cricket

Stranger to History: A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands, by Aatish Taseer – rather suspect this has gone from self-indulgent ramblings of a privileged wannabe writer to something more interesting (There is probably a whole new genre in writing about assassinated fathers)

A Cricket Odyssey: England on Tour 1987-8 by Scyld Berry – Mike Gatting, Shakoor Rana and the angriest test series of all time

2 thoughts on “Books Stuff

  1. wannabe writer? Aatish Taseer? You’re clearly some kind of idiot. I love his first book. And his second, a novel about Delhi—shortlisted for the Costa—was nothing short of a triumph. I suspect it’s you that’s the wannabe writer. But from your reports on Pakistan in the Telegraph—you are the same little Crilly, aren’t you—it’s clear that you’re an unspeakable mediocrity.

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