What Sort of Diplomat Carries a Loaded Gun?

It’s difficult to know which country is in more of a tizz, Pakistan or the US, following the arrest of an American “diplomat” for shooting dead two Pakistanis in Lahore last week. It is desperately embarrassing for both and could not come at a worse time – just as the US needs all the help in get from Islamabad if it wants to start bringing home its troops from Afghanistan this year. But now the diplomatic spat caused by Raymond Davis threatens to further undermine an already awkward alliance.

As usual in Pakistan, much of the detail is murky, shrouded in layers of intrigue and conspiracy theory. But here’s what we know… [read more]

2 thoughts on “What Sort of Diplomat Carries a Loaded Gun?

  1. What sort of diplomat carries a loaded gun?

    An American diplomat!
    Americans carry them to bars, McDonald’s, church, Walmart, so what else would one expect.

    Me thinks he was a normal, paranoid American diplomat, who did not know the difference between Anwar and Arizona, and probably could find Pakistan on his Blackberry with the aid google search, but not on a map of the world.

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