Arrested American Diplomat

U.S. Embassy Calls for Release of American Diplomat

Islamabad, January 29, 2011The United States Embassy in Pakistan calls for the immediate release of a U.S. diplomat unlawfully detained by authorities in Lahore.

The diplomat, assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, has a U.S. diplomatic passport and Pakistani visa valid until June 2012.

On January 27, the diplomat acted in self-defense when confronted by two armed men on motorcycles.  The diplomat had every reason to believe that the armed men meant him bodily harm.  Minutes earlier, the two men, who had criminal backgrounds, had robbed money and valuables at gunpoint from a Pakistani citizen in the same area.

When detained, the U.S. diplomat identified himself to police as a diplomat and repeatedly requested immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.  Local police and senior authorities failed to observe their legal obligation to verify his status with either the U.S. Consulate General in Lahore or the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad.   Furthermore, the diplomat was formally arrested and remanded into custody, which is a violation of international norms and the Vienna Convention, to which Pakistan is a signatory.

We regret that this incident resulted in loss of life.

We greatly value the cooperation and partnership between Pakistan and the United States, which is vital to the interests of both countries.  The U.S. Embassy is committed to working closely with the Pakistani government to secure the immediate release of the diplomat, as required under Pakistani and international law.

4 thoughts on “Arrested American Diplomat

  1. A.H !
    The guy shoots two kids in the back 14 times has an expired visa does not work for the Embassy , was declared persona non gratia from Peshawar two years ago with a police comment that the man has a criminal bent of mind . How did he get back in the country
    I wonder what would happen if this happened in Anytown, U.S.A and how would the police react in a similar situation, another vehicle kills another kid was a hit and run ! and still hiding ? give me a break

  2. 1st and 2nd day of shooting US Embassy did not claim that Ramon Davis is Diplomat and having a immunity as per Vienna convention. When they feel that their Spy is in problem and could be convict in murder than they start shouting about Vienna Convention and immunity. Till today they are keep telling a lie that Raymond Davis is a Diplomat and every one knows that he is not.

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