Pakistan Gears up for UK Beer Wars

So what is the British curry lover, in search of the perfect dining experience, to do? You’ve ordered your chicken tikka marsala and need something similarly authentic to wash it down with. If, like me, that means an Indian lager then you are in for a degree of disappointment. While Tiger, Kingfisher and the like are packed with bubbles, they are hardly the most satisfying in the taste department, resembling as they do a sort of experiment with a SodaStream. Pair them with a spicy curry and the result is rather like drinking soda water. Pointless.

So I’m pleased to learn that the good people at Rawalpindi’s Murree Brewery are planning to start selling their Classic Lager in British curry houses. This stuff is strongly flavoured with German hops and is based on a recipe developed more than a century ago by thirsty British soldiers. It’s just the sort of robust lager that can hold its own against a curry.

And that’s why I reckon that Pakistani beer, brewed in a Muslim country by a teetotaller, is far, far better than anything India has to offer. As the company’s chief executive, Isphanyar Bhandara, says…

“I would like to get this very famous name – it is after all a British legacy – on to the streets of the UK. My aim would be to put it in the ethnic restaurants, and give the Indian beers a run for their money, which totally suck – and you can quote me on that.”

Here’s the story

2 thoughts on “Pakistan Gears up for UK Beer Wars

  1. Murree produces exceptional beer. Superlatives aren’t enough to describe it. Original research is recommended to personally verify its taste, consistency and quality.

    Omitted from Rob’s post above is any mention of draft beer in India, which in my experience is the worst in the world. Outrageously, hideously, shamefully bad.

    I wish Murree Brewery all the best in their international marketing efforts.

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