The Wit and Wisdom of Salman Taseer

In his own words, 140 characters at a time, here are some of his most acute observations on Twitter in the past few months

  • Apple is worth more than $300bn. In other words much much more than 180mn Pakistanis. Something our politicians shud think about
  • How do get rid of obsessional retards who one has blocked but keep slagging u through third parties retweeting their rubbish? Any tips?
  • So Facebook the social networking site started by a 26 year old has been valued at $50bn Same as our foreign debt! Something 2 think about?
  • I was under huge pressure sure 2 cow down b4 rightest pressure on blasphemy.Refused. Even if I’m the last man standing
  • By the time the Cabinet division informed the GOP I was in Dubai I was back thwarting PML N riff raff breaking Gov house gates 4 free meal
  • Religous right trying 2 pressurise from the street their support of blasphemy laws.Point is it must be decided in Parlaiment not on the road
  • 50+ abusive tweets from India because I advised them 2 stick 2 gana bajana & stop blowing/ misfiring rockets & polluting space
  • Covered in the righteous cloak of religon and even a puny dwarf imagines himself a monster . Important to face. And call their bluff
  • The best thing we can do for our soft image this Xmas is to dress up Maulana Fazal ur Rahman as Santa Claus. He will be a big hit
  • I have an Iphone Ipad & now a Samsung Galaxy. Fully armed and dangerous !
  • It is the rich educated & privileged who have destroyed Pak not the poor illeterate & dispossessed
  • Interesting Fatima Bhutto& Jemima r attractive women (friends)who market their superficial Pakistan connection 2 guileless western audiences
  • Tomorrow mullahs r demonstrating against me after Juma. Thousands of beards screaming 4 my head.What a great feeling!
  • I’m ok wth my effigy being burnt and Fatwas against me but i’m really angry that I’m not mentioned anywhere in Wikileaks!
  • Held press conference in Sh’kpura jail wth Aasia bibi Got her clemency petition sgnd 2 forward 2 Prezdnt Zardari.Said we want Jinnahs Pak

4 thoughts on “The Wit and Wisdom of Salman Taseer

  1. Haha, my favourite gems from him have been:

    “Yesterday I spoke at the University of Central Punjab Convocation 4 almost an hour (30 mins speech 30mins applause)”


    “So Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame has been chosen 4 Time Magazine man of the Year. Hmm . Guess I’ll have to wait till next year.”

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