Referendum Reading

Only a few days now to the referendum in South Sudan. Here’s a few things that I have been reading…

Clooney Falling into Bin Laden’s Trap – aside from the hysterical and silly language, there is a serious point here about US intervention. Something I’ll return to, I think

Peaceful Vote on Sudan Appears More Likely – if even my old chum Jeffrey Gettleman is talking down the prospect of war, then I think we can all assume it will pass of as peacefully as a tea dance

Rapper enlists global stars to work on south Sudan – Emmanual Jal. His story always makes me laugh at “Gangsta Rappers”. He’s tougher than any of them (And interesting that Reuters still does not cap up the s of south? why not. Surely the style should be a capital letter for well-defined regions…)

Tribe warns of war over Sudan vote – the Misseriya are the people likely to lose most in the referendum. Not wanted by the North, hated by the South and wondering how their nomadic lifestyle will be affected by an international boundary

Can Sudan Split Without Falling Apart? – Alex Perry, one of the most thoughtful of today’s Africa correspondents: “the surprising news from Sudan is that, so far, diplomacy is working”

Royal African Society – and pretty much everything else you might want to read is here


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