Peshawar’s Loot

The Afghanistan Campaign Medal was created by George W Bush (under Executive Order 13363) in 2004 for American service personnel who have served in Afghanistan (or Afghan airspace) for 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutively. It is however much easier and safer to pick one up in the Pakistan city of Peshawar where they are being stripped of their ribbons and sold as scrap. I’ll be wearing mine on Thursday night.

The medals aren’t the only things of interest in Peshawar’s crowded alleyways and stalls. There are secret US dossiers on dealing with IEDs, military issue boots and even helicopter pilots’ helmets – all looted from the Nato convoys that snake their way through Pakistan to the Afghan border.

Some of the other personal effects paint a frankly disturbing picture of the US military mindset. I found a handful of Samurai swords hanging in one shop, above a collection of Bible study guides…

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