9 thoughts on “The Ghee Club

  1. We are a group of people wondering if this story is real or not:


    It looks like a major story and so far only christian bloggers have picke up on it. No other serious newspapers. Strange, since it is similar to the girl facing death-penalty in Iran – a story which is all over the world. Can you confirm that the story is 100% real?


  2. Thanks – it was not about distrust for you.

    Its unbelievable. Pakistan needs a reminder from the west that we are watching their hate-ideology. Religion of “peace” and hanging peaceful girls. Who would want to convert to something like that?

  3. Could you please document your allegation that “it has been followed up”?

    I know it has been followed up by christian bloggers, but can you point us towards other serious newspapers? If we are going to act on this matter, we need to know with 100% certainty that it is credible. Again, no critique of you, but I have no idea who you are. You seem serious enough, though.


  4. Last question. Were you in the courthouse or did you get the info from someone you trust 100%? I will ask some norwegian reporters to follow up the story and confirm it. This is too much!

  5. Don’t use this incident as part of some sort of anti-Muslim festival of ignorance.pakistan’s blasphemy laws should be scrapped. But don’t use them to judge the whole country. And please don’t use my blog to post such hate-filled comments.

  6. Who is talking about muslims? Im talking about a girl sentenced to death because of her alledged words. Where exactly is my hate? A lot of muslims are just as opressed as non-muslims. You have me confused with somebody else.

    If Pakistans blasphemy laws should be scrapped, maybe Pakistan as a country needs a push to scrap them? Pakistan as a country are responsible for her laws – if not, who is?

    I suspect I would not hear a South-Africa reporter saying the same thing during apartheid. Because of international pressure – that hateful practice was abolished.

    And you fail to say anything informative about the incident. So I have to assume this is a fabrication from someone.

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