What I did at the weekend

Spent the weekend watching bull racing in a field somewhere near Gujar Khan. It was quite a thing cheering on the locals as they took it in turns standing on a dustbin lid to be towed (at high speed) behind two bulls. The sort of thing that I’m surprised has never been tried at the Crilly dairy farm in County Louth.

Steering was what you might you call rudimentary – each “driver” carried a sharp spear which he dug into the rump of the bull on the left to turn left, or the one on right to turn right, or it might have been the other way around, such was the apparent lack of efficacy of the chosen steering mechanism. Just in case the whole thing wasn’t fast enough, fireworks were let off as the bulls passed, sending them careering off at even higher speeds. (In the past they would  have used shotguns but I gather health and safety had shut that down… that’s a joke.)

Anyway, as I stumbled around trying to find the Tote, I chanced upon a series of deep vats of bubbling oil and filled up on the sort of heart-attack inducing sweets that even the Scots would balk at. As far as I can understand it, jalebi is deep fried sugar – crisp on its crystallised outside, giving way to a very satisfying mouthful of syrup.

Returning to my vantage point, I had to veer off into a graveyard to avoid two out-of-control bulls… but that’s another story.

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