Labels in Peshawar

A food store in Peshawar selling tins of cooking oil funded by the US

Food aid is desperately limited in its effectiveness. It works in only a few places and under very specific circumstances (PDF) – ie in places where there is no food and people are going to die unless they are handed pulses, oil and corn. In many cases there are much more effective ways of helping people (unless the people you are trying to help are American farmers, hauliers and shipping magnates – but that’s another story).

So I’m always pleased to see “beneficiaries” taking matters into their own hands and selling on their cans of oil to stall holders for cash, which they can then use to rebuild their homes, replace clothes lost in the floods or buy medicine. And nice to see that the USA logos – in a country where anti-Western sentiment runs high – has not put them off using their aid in this way. In fact, Pakistanis apparently love it!!!???

One thought on “Labels in Peshawar

  1. pakis lone anything free, and then they will bite the hand that fed them

    they did this o india, bangladesh, afganistan, are doing it to IRAN,

    many US soldiers are dying in afgan bec of pakis

    all the best pal

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