The Best Spies in the World

It has been a pretty thin time for good news in Pakistan. But you can always rely on the country’s famed military establishment to buck the trend. When they aren’t winning plaudits for delivering aid to flood victims, or being fingered as the hidden hand behind calls for a coup, its intelligence arm – the Inter Services Intelligence directorate – has been named the world’s top spy organisation.

OK, the rankings might have been done by a website that uses celebrity piffle or arbitrary lists to drive traffic to its ads, but credit where credit’s due. As  smashing lists points out…

It has protected its Nuclear Weapons since formed and it has foiled Indian attempts to attain ultimate supremacy in the South-Asian theatres through internal destabilization of India. It is above All in its host country Pakistan ‘A State, with in a State’.

Anyway, here are the rankings in full…

  • 10 – ASIS, Australia
  • 9 – RAW, India
  • 8 – DGSE, France
  • 7 – FSB, Russia
  • 6 – BND, Germany
  • 5 – MSS, China
  • 4 – CIA, US
  • 3 – MI6, UK
  • 2 – Mossad, Israel
  • 1 – ISI, Pakistan

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